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Trial information for my Brides

Your trial is the time to try out ideas you have for your wedding look. I do 2 - 3 hair styles for Brides and take photos so you can decide which you prefer. If you have no idea of what you would like thats ok, I have 100's of pictures for you to look through and we can find that perfect style together.

A picture of your outfit for the wedding day will be helpful so I can get an overall impression of how you will look.

Things you need to know for your HAIR trial:

  • : Wash and blow dry your hair the evening before your trial. 

  • : Don't use any products other than your normal shampoo and  conditioner (not leave in conditioner)

  • : Don't curl or straighten your hair. If you have naturally curly hair and  want to use this curl for your wedding hairstyle then leave it to dry  naturally.

  • : If you have naturally very oily hair and have to wash it every day, wash and dry it the morning of your trial.

  • Have any hair accessories with you that you would like to use. Veil Tiara etc.

  • : Bridal hair trials take approx 2 hours. All other guests are 30-40  minutes each.

Make up is usually the bit that scares most people. Whether you have worn it all your life or never so much as put a blusher brush to your face. I understand that everyone is different and have unique faces and skin tones so your makeover is tailored to your needs and not what trending at the time. 

At your trial we will discuss your ideas and I can also advise what will suit your hair and eye colour. Your wedding colours are taken into consideration but if your bridesmaids are wearing purple, you do not need purple eyeshadow. I will however complement your theme in with your makeup. 

Things you need to know for your make up trial:

  • If you can, wear a similar colour top to the one you will wear on the wedding day. If you are wearing a black top at the trial but a white dress on the wedding day the make up will look different. A white shirt will work fine.

  • :In the run up to your trial make sure to cleanse exfoliate and moisturise your skin. The better the base for the make up, the better result you will get.

  • :Make sure to moisturise your skin at least 30 minutes before your make up is applied so that it has time to absorb.

  • :Have pictures of styles you like but again I have many photos that you can look through.

  • : All of my make up is high quality, hypo allergenic but if you would like me to use any of your products, have them with you at the trial.

  • :Bridal make up trial takes approx 1 hour, guests take 30-40 minutes .

Trials are paid in cash at the trial.

Deposits for trials are none refundable if the trial is cancelled less than 14 days before.